Akira Igata

Executive Director, Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University

Japan’s Shifting Economic Security Policies and Prospects under the New Kishida Administration

【Event Abstract】
Observers of Japanese security and foreign policies have largely focused on analyzing Japanese policies in the area of traditional security. However, they would be remiss to disregard the string of new developments that have been occurring in Japan – namely that of “economic security.”

Prompted by rising U.S.-China competition, Japan has been undergoing rapid change in its economic security policies over the last few years. These changes range from organizational transformation to new legislation as well as increasing support for the private sector. This trend is likely to accelerate under the incoming Kishida administration, which has created a new ministerial post for economic security.

How has Japan’s economic security policy evolved in the last few years? What kind of changes will we likely see in Japan’s economic security policies under the Kishida administration? What impact will this “economic security awakening” in Japan have on Japan-U.S. and Japan-China relations? How should Japan cooperate with other key actors, such as the European Union, the Quad countries, the Five Eyes states, and Southeast Asian countries?

This seminar will address these critical questions and more with Akira Igata, who has been advising international organizations, the Japanese government, bureaucracy, and the private sector in economic security issues for many years.

【Date / Time】
Monday 22 November 2021 17:00 Tokyo | 08:00 London/09:00 Brussels

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Akira Igata is Executive Director and Visiting Professor at the Center for Rule-making Strategies at Tama University. He is also the Economic Security Advisor for the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China and Senior Adjunct Fellow at Pacific Forum, a U.S.-based think tank. He advises Japan’s bureaucracy, politicians, and private sector as well as international organizations on economic security issues.

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