【Title】 Climate and Societal Impacts of Cultivated Meat in Japan

“Cultured meat” is a new paradigm of protein production produced by cellular agriculture technology, which has a positive impact on various aspects such as sustainability, food supply according to consumers’ beliefs, public health, diversification and preservation of food culture, and food security.
In this webinar, we will discuss the current status and future of the rapidly developing cell-based agri-food industry, focusing on the results of cutting-edge research on “life cycle assessment”, which comprehensively quantifies the cost and environmental impact of “cultured meat”.

【Date】 Friday, October 15, 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 (Japanese Standard Time)

【Method and Languages】
Online (using Zoom)
Japanese and English (with Simultaneous Interpretation)

【How to Participate】
Please register at the following URL, and you can watch the session online.

【Time Schedule】

10:00~10:05 Introductory Remarks

10:05~10:25 Global State of the Industry

10:25~10:50 Life Cycle Analysis & Climate Impacts

10:50~11:05 Opportunities for Japanese Leadership

11:05~11:30 Q&A: Full Panel

【Presenters (in the Schedule)】
・Prof. Akira Igata, Executive Director,
Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University
[Introductory Remarks] [Q&A]
・Varun Deshpande, Managing Director, Good Food Institute Asia
[Global Industry Trends in Cellular Agri-Food]
・Dr. Elliot Swartz, Lead Scientist – Cultivated Meat, Good Food Institute US
[Life cycle assessment and environmental impact of cultured meat]
・Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi, PR Manager, Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture
[Current situation and possible leadership in Japan]

【Organized by】
・GFI APAC (The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific)
・CRS (Center for Rule Making Strategies)

・ICAS (Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies)
・Cellular Agriculture institute of the commons (Japan)

For more information, please contact: APAC@GFI.org