Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi is an Analyst at Rothschild & Co. Japan.  She is also the PR manager of Association for Cellular-Agriculture hosted by the Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University, an industrial organization comprised of companies including some of the major food companies in Japan, to create rules for cell-based food products, such as cultured meat, egg, and milk, to make them sellable in Japan

Studied Physics for 5 years, mainly in quantum physics field. Completed bachelor’s degree of Department of Physics, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, University of Waseda in 2017. Entered Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo on April 2017, quit March 2018, majoring low temperature physics, which are related to quantum many body physics, nuclear physics, and material physics

Before taking on the current position, Megumi has worked as the executive assistant of Hotaru Inc. for 9 months from 2017-2018, contributing on 95% of the total overseas customer acquisition of social marketing and promotion division. All the customers are overseas startup CEOs, with funds more than 30M USD by ICO, Initial Coin Offering. Also experienced overseeing project management, overseas client management, proposal making, price and KPI negotiations, translations


  • Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi wins Forbes 30 under 30 Japan award

    Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020