SUGIZO is a musician, producer, guitarist, violinist and a music producer.

From an extremely young age, SUGIZO received advanced training in violin, musical composition and classical music. SUGIZO made his debut in May 1992 as the composer, guitarist, and violinist of the band LUNA SEA . In 1997, during LUNA SEA’s roughly yearlong break, SUGIZO began his career as a solo artist. SUGIZO has participated in the legendary UK artist Juno Reactor in 2006. He has also officially joined X Japan on May 2009.

Respected for his beautiful, deep, and cosmically spiritual sound design, SUGIZO creates his own scene while smashing genre boundaries apart. His refined artistic sense and powerful presence have brought his popularity both in Japan and overseas .An activist as well as a musician, SUGIZO also takes part in a wide variety of anti-war and environmental activities.

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