About CRS

The Center for Rule-making Strategies (CRS) is a think tank based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, which was established at Tama University on June 1, 2016. CRS is the first think tank in Japan to work on rule-making strategies, and which not only identifies policy recommendations but also is active in their implementation.
CRS has a unique set of networks that includes experts and policymakers both in and out of Japan that allows us to engage in agenda setting that is timely and well informed. CRS experts come from around the world and have knowledge about and experience in rule-making strategies from politics, bureaucracies, the private sector, and academia, which ensures that our work is practical and relevant.

Educational activities

CRS conducts two university programs at Tama University.

  • 1

    CRS certificate program:This is a year-long program in which students acquire the knowledge and skills related to rule-making strategies. Enrolled students take classes related to rule-making strategies offered by the MBA program of Tama University. In addition, we provide opportunities to network with experts and fieldwork programs, which offer on-the-ground experience.
    We accept applications from both individuals and corporations. Exceptional graduates of the CRS program have the option to stay on as a Visiting Researcher at our center to continue utilizing our information network.
    Please note, however, that this is a certificate program, not a degree-granting program.

  • 2

    MBA program with a focus on “Rule-making Strategies”:This is a two-year degree-granting MBA program at the Tama Graduate School of Business. Graduate students can acquire an MBA with a concentration in “Rule-making Strategies” upon completion of the required number of courses related to rule-making strategies.


ADDRESS: 5th Floor, Shinagawa Intercity Front, 2-14-14 Kōnan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan
(2-minute walking distance from the Kōnan exit of the Shinagawa station)