Lior Tabansky

Head of Research Development, The Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, Tel Aviv University.

Scott Jarkoff

Director, Strategic Threat Advisory Group APJ & EMEA CrowdStrike Japan

John Kirch

Senior Vice President Uppsala Security Tokyo

【Date】29th June 2021, 16:00-17:30 Tokyo
(08:00 London, 09:00 Brussels, 10:00 Tel Aviv)
【Title】Ransomware, Cybercrime, and Cyber attacks: Understanding the situation
【Speaker】 Dr. Lior Tabansky, Scott Jarkov, John Kirch
【Moderator】Robert Dujarric, Tom O’Sullivan
【Seminar】full open

Recently several private and public institutions have suffered devastating cyber and ransomware attacks on their technology systems. The most recent attacks include the Colonial Oil Pipeline in the USA, Air India, Toshiba, Sony, and Fujitsu in Japan, and the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE, Ireland’s public health care system) to name but a few. These attacks have highlighted the impact of technology assaults on critical national infrastructure in a variety of countries. Early incidents in Iran, Israel, the United States involving suspected state-organized attacks were seen as examples of the development of new weapons to undertake sabotage and intelligence gathering, activities that have been around for millennia. But the attacks on vital government and corporate entities by what appears to be criminal gangs adds another dimension to the equation (though ties to governments are not outside of the realm of possibilities). The demand for ransoms to be paid in crypto currencies also adds a new dimension to this escalating cycle of devastating international cyber terrorism. Japan is also slated to host the Olympic Games in July, an event that could attract significant attention from the cyber terrorism community.

Dr. Lior Tabansky offers a unique cybersecurity grasp, combining a Political Science Ph.D., business experience in formulating cyber strategies, and 15 years of IT-pro work.

Dr. Tabansky is the Head of Research Development ofTel Aviv University’s Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, where he leads two research projects:
1. PROGRESS: Promoting Global Cyber Resilience for Sectors and Societies.
Leveraging the science of networks and complex socio-technical systems, the new Cyber-Capability Maturity Model analyses a sector of the economy as a whole. Moreover, the expert-led assessment results in actionable ‎ Progression Paths tailored for the sector. Large-scale sustainable development projects adopt the PROGRESS model for cross-border Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP.)
2. Hostile Influence Operations via Social Media: evidence from Western-Russian encounters. The research focuses on the gaps in assessing the presumed effects on behavior.
Lior’s doctoral dissertation uncovered the failed peacetime defense adaptation, which exposed nations to cyberattacks on strategic homeland targets.
“Cybersecurity in Israel,” Lior’s 2015 book co-authored with Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, is the first comprehensive “insider” account of decades of Israeli cyber policy and its origins.

Scott Jarkoff
Director, Strategic Threat Advisory Group APJ & EMEA
Scott directs CrowdStrike’s Asia-Pacific & Japan (APJ), and EMEA threat intelligence business, serving on a global team entrusted with empowering sales of CrowdStrike’s world renowned, best-of-breed, government-grade intelligence and 24/7 threat hunting capabilities across the Falcon X and OverWatch platforms. He advises and guides customers on methods for operationalizing and integrating threat intelligence and threat hunting within a holistic cyber security and intelligence strategy. He also demonstrates the value actionable threat intelligence and threat hunting provides in today’s threat landscape.

John Kirch
Senior Vice President
Uppsala Security
At Uppsala Security, John provides Sentinel Protocol, a proven, multi-award-winning suite of tools and services leveraging A.I, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies to equip organizations with advanced software solutions for Cryptocurrency AML “Anti-Money Laundering”, Regulatory Compliance Analytics, KYC/KYT Risk Analysis, Transaction Monitoring/Tracking, and Cybersecurity protecting cryptocurrencies and other digital assets from malicious attacks, scams, and fraud.

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