Mr. Hiroki OKADA is a Full-time Director and a General Producer of the News Bureau, Fuji Television Network, Inc. He is a graduate of the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. He has worked at the Public Relations office of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., then moved to Fuji Television. After his stint as a member of LDP Press Club, he has produced numerous special news reports and documentaries. He was the producer of “HARUKO,” the first-ever documentary movie produced by Fuji Television, which was formally invited to the Gwangju International Film Festival and won an honorable mention by the Peace & Cooperative Journalist Fund of Japan. He has also produced the documentary “Inheriting a Kabuki Legacy-Ichikawa Ebizo: His Fate and Anguish,” which was nominated for a 2008 International Emmy Award in the category of Arts Programming and received a Gold Medal at the 2009 New York Festival in the Arts category. His DVD “More Than Fate: Ashley’s Way of Living” was designated as a specially recommended cultural resources for child welfare (特別推薦児童福祉文化財) by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


“Reality of the wealthy country in the eyes of a foreigner: photographer Robert Brank” (Nov.-Dec., 1997)(「異邦人が見た豊かな国の“リアル” 写真家ロバート・フランク考」TBS・新調査情報)

“Weekly Diary by Hiroki Okada,” a 4-week series on the Yomiuri Shimbun (July, 1999)( 「週間日記 岡田宏記」読売新聞、4週連載エッセイ)

“The age of self-narratives” (October, 2001)(「わたし流番組論 自分を語るしかない時代」月刊民放)

“Towards a nation built on Intellectual Property: movie HARUKO and Yoshiharu Tsuge” AURA, (June 2004) (「知的財産立国に向けて 映画HARUKOとつげ義春」AURA)


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