On April 12th, CRS hosted a symposium titled Harm Reduction Life Style: Towards the Promotion of International Rule-Making in the Healthcare Industry” at the Aso Civic Hall.

In this symposium, we introduced the summary of discussions held at the “Policy Research Group for HRL”(Study Group for the Rule-making of Harm Reduction Life Style) with private companies and organizations. The group was established at the Liberal Democratic Party’s Rule-making Strategy Diet Members Group (Chairman: Akira Amari) last year.

”Harm Reduction Life Style (HRL)” is a proposed new lifestyle, which would allow us to reduce the risk of health hazards like lifestyle-related diseases without difficulties. We must increase the availability of options  of heath products that will reduce health hazards so that we can create a healthy aged society.

This group has been discussing with private companies and organizations on discussions related to international rule-making for promoting the health industry to encourage HRL.

At the beginning of the symposium, Akira Amari (Chairman, Rule-making Strategy Diet Members Group), and Norihiro Nakayama (Secretary General, Rule-making Strategy Diet Members Group) gave keynote speeches.

Toshifumi Kokubun (Director, CRS), gave a presentation titled “The market creation with China: Harm Reduction Lifestyle and the international rule-making of HRL’s Health Management” and addressedtold the importance of HRL Policies and our current difficulties.

You can see this symposium on YouTube video below.

List of companies presenting at the symposium (in alphabetical order)

・Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
・Ezaki Glico Company, Limited
・Quantum Operation, Inc.
・Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
・Japan Disease Prediction Institute Inc.
・Appliances Company , Panasonic Corporation
・British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.