Mr. Toshifumi KOKUBUN is currently a Director / Professor at Rule Making Strategy Research Center, Tama University. He is also the Lead Partner of Strategic Impact Unit at EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. and Senior Fellow at Pacific Forum. He received his MA in Graduate School of Public Management, Waseda University. He has previously worked as a corporate planner in an IT company, thinktank, Principal at A.T. Kearney, and Vice President Partner at a US audit firm (until November, 2018). He is a leading expert in rule-making strategy regarding social challenges, such as supporting the development of Japan’s trade policies and fostering the creation of “issue-ecosystems” through generating cooperation among politicians, bureaucracy, and the private sector. He has held numerous positions as a special policy adviser to the Government of Japan as an expert on cyber security and industrial economic policies.

His research expertise includes: cyber security; Japan’s trade policy; rule-making strategies; and public-private partnerships.


Rule-making Strategy for winning in the global market: How technically advanced Japanese companies loses (「世界市場で勝つルールメイキング戦略 技術で勝る日本企業がなぜ負けるのか」(共編著/朝日新聞出版))


Special Seminar: Rule-making Strategies; Rule-making Strategies from a social agenda perspective; security and economic policies; etc.

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