Mr. Toshifumi KOKUBUN is currently a Director / Professor at Rule Making Strategy Research Center, Tama University. He is also the Lead Partner at a global consulting firm and Senior Fellow at Pacific Forum. He received his MA in Graduate School of Public Management, Waseda University. He has previously worked as a corporate planner in an IT company, thinktank, Principal at A.T. Kearney, and Vice President Partner at a US audit firm (until November, 2018). He is a leading expert in rule-making strategy regarding social challenges, such as supporting the development of Japan’s trade policies and fostering the creation of “issue-ecosystems” through generating cooperation among politicians, bureaucracy, and the private sector. He has held numerous positions as a special policy adviser to the Government of Japan as an expert on cyber security and industrial economic policies.

His research expertise includes: cyber security; Japan’s trade policy; rule-making strategies; and public-private partnerships.


Rule-making Strategy for winning in the global market: How technically advanced Japanese companies loses (「世界市場で勝つルールメイキング戦略 技術で勝る日本企業がなぜ負けるのか」(共編著/朝日新聞出版))


Special Seminar: Rule-making Strategies; Rule-making Strategies from a social agenda perspective; security and economic policies; etc.

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