The Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University (Director: Toshifumi Kokubun) is pleased to announce the establishment of the “Policy Research Group for Harm Reduction Lifestyle” (Policy Research Group for HRL).

Harm Reduction Lifestyle (HRL) refers to a lifestyle that encourages the introduction of products and services that reduce or mitigate unhealthy behaviors (harms), rather than prohibiting them completely. If we can increase the amount of HRL to a certain amount (at least 20%) of our lifestyles, we can greatly increase the possibility of extending our healthy life expectancies.

The “Harm Reduction Lifestyles Policy” (HRL Policy) is a rule formation that promotes behavioral changes in Japan as a whole by effectively using various types of Harm Reduction Products (HR products) and using behavioral economics. HR products include products with increased amounts of functional ingredients. For example,
・Food for specified health use, with nutritional function and with functional labeling,
・Products with reduced amounts of health risk ingredients (such as caffeine-free, weak/non-alcoholic, fat-free, sugar-free, and low-sodium), and
・Gamification and fitness equipment to relieve lack of exercises.

The “Policy Research Group for HRL” will explore the potential of HRL from various perspectives by calling for participations from various industries and discuss unconventionally what kind of policies are effective.

The Liberal Democratic Party’s Parliamentarians for the Center for Rule-making Strategies (CRS) (Akira Amari, Chairman of the Tax Commission) has already started to study HRL policies on November 13th. The immediate goal of the study group is to compile a proposal for the CRS by the next spring. Then, the proposals will be presented to the Parliamentarians for the CRS, to the policy research committees, and legislators and ministries related to this policy.

Because maximizing the healthy life expectancy has become a serious issue in China, which has entered an aging society and has the world’s largest number of diabetes patients, Japan and China will collaborate to discuss the definition of HR products and the formation of international rules to promote the products on a global scale and will hold policy research group jointly.

[Policy Research Group for Harm Reduction Lifestyle]
Participating Members :
・Companies that develop and sell HR products related to the five health checkpoints (diet, alcohol consumption, sleep, exercise, and smoking)
・Companies that related to data health for promoting HRL
・Diet members and ministry officials

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If your company or organization would like to participate, please contact us at the following address.

Public Relations Office, Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University or launch the mailer here.