The “Policy Research Group to Formulate Rules for Harm Reduction Lifestyles” (abbreviated as “Policy Research Group for HRL”), established by our institute (Director: Toshifumi Kokubun), held its 2nd study group meeting online for the first time on February 18th at the House of Representatives Congressional Office Building.

Harm Reduction Lifestyle (below, referred to as HRL) is a lifestyle in which the risks of causing lifestyle-related diseases are reduced without difficulties by taking harm reduction products (below, referred to as HR products). HR products can reduce health risks or have the potential to prevent the risks.

In this group, some companies that provide HR products, other companies related to international rules for data health and health management, and ministry officials will participate. We will hold hearings seven times on their approaches and issues.

In this first round of hearings, three companies made presentations. In their presentations, they explained that the products they are selling are not fully understood that the products are useful in reducing health risks. They think the situations are occurred because of  the strong legal restrictions on the expression of efficacy, counterfeit products being sold in the course of promoting the health business overseas, and the necessity to create a new image of the term “Harm Reduction”.

The group will continue to hold detailed hearings (in the form of presentations) from each company and reflect these discussions in the policy proposal to be compiled around the next spring.

List of companies participating in the 2nd workshop (in alphabetical order)

  • Jiang Su ASICS Co., Ltd.
  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
  • Wellbeing Standards Management Organization.
  • Eisai Co., Ltd.
  • Ezaki Glico Company, Limited
  • Endian LLC.
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Quantum Operation, Inc.
  • Social Health Strategy Research Institute.
  • Japan Disease Prediction Institute Inc.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • NEC Corporation
  •  NatureLab. Co., Ltd.
  • The Kokumotsu Company.
  • Appliances Company , Panasonic Corporation
  • British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.