Our institute (Director: Toshifumi Kokubun) has established  the Policy Research Group in order to formulate rules for Harm Reduction Lifestyles (abbreviated as “Policy Research Group for HRL”) and held its first study group on December 15th  at the House of Representatives Building.

Harm Reduction Lifestyle (HRL) is a lifestyle that reduces the risk of lifestyle-related diseases by using Harm Reduction Products (HR products), which can reduce health risks or have the potential to prevent the risks.

In this study group, some companies that provide HR products, other companies related to international rules for data health and health management, and ministry officials participated.

At the beginning of the study group, Mr. Akira Amari, Chairman of the Center for Rule-Making Strategies (CRS) and Mr. Norihiro Nakayama, Secretary General of the CRS, gave a speech and explained the importance of this group.

Participating companies expressed the need for new rule formation and the issues in present rules on the themes of (1) HR products, (2) Data health, and (3) International rules for health management.

Regarding (1) HR products, the need to further expand the definition of HR products from 5 health check items to health environments (air, etc.) was presented.
As for point (2)Data health, he argued that it is essential to formulate rules of adding categories such as wellness diagnostic devices and healthcare devices in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in order to grow the data health business.
As for point (3)International rules for health management, the opinion was expressed that “making international rules for HRL strategies will be beneficial in strengthening Japanese international competitiveness.”

After detailed hearings (in the form of presentations) from each company, the study group will reflect these discussions in a policy proposal to be compiled around next spring.

List of companies participating in the 1st workshop (in alphabetical order)

  • Ezaki Glico Company, Limited
  • Endian LLC.
  • Quantum Operation, Inc.
  • Social Health Strategy Research Institute.
  • Japan Disease Prediction Institute Inc.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • NEC Corporation
  •  NatureLab. Co., Ltd.
  • The Kokumotsu Company.
  • Appliances Company , Panasonic Corporation
  • FHRI(Fujikura Social Health Research Institute Ltd.)
  • British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.